YAPC::NA 2006 has come and gone. On behalf of Chicago.pm I’d like to thank everyone for helping to make YAPC yet another success! The support of countless speakers and volunteers, both the willing and the drafted, ensure that the conference will continue to be a source of rich technical content at a reasonable price. The substantial support by our sponsors is another factor that makes the conference accessible to almost anyone. Please be sure to let the sponsors know that you appreciate their support of the Perl community.

We would like to congratulate Houston.pm for being selected as the host site for YAPC::NA 2007 and Vienna.pm for being selected as the host site for YAPC::EU 2007.

And finally, you probably noticed that we were recording many of the talks at YAPC::NA 2006. Those videos have yet to be released, but will be soon. Since the yapcchicago.org domain will be expiring soon, check Use Perl and Media Landscape for updates.

See you next year,

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